Retrieve your patient’s medical records electronically from other clinics and hospitals with one click.


Instant medical record retrieval

Health Gorilla is connected to most major EMRs and care sites, allowing providers to retrieve their patient’s medical records electronically.

Save Time

Get complete medical records on every patient in real-time.

Better Care

Use the patient’s prior records to inform your treatment plan.

Happy Patients

Enable patients to receive high quality care in the context of their medical history.


Painlessly retrieve records

Eliminate the need to fax HIPAA release forms and call physician offices to request records. Use Health Gorilla to search for a patient and pull records in real-time.

Search the network

Submit basic demographic information to identify care sites that have clinical records on a particular patient.

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Import patient records

Automatically import medical records electronically from 3rd party EMR systems into your Health Gorilla portal.

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Review complete data

Access the patient's chart and review a complete set of medical records from multiple care sites to inform patient care.

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Success Story: The Doctor

Based in Los Angeles, The Doctor is a primary care clinic addressing a range of clinical needs including LGBT care, HIV medicine, and wellness therapy. The Doctor uses Patient360 to streamline the way medical records are retrieved from other providers, eliminating the burden on support staff.

Better Care

Patients’ care plans are fully informed by their records from other care sites

Less Burden

Support staff no longer need to bug practices to fax patient records

Save Time

Eliminate paper-based ordering to El Camino's lab from 3rd parties

Happy Providers

Gather data on affiliates that drive test volume and patient accrual

Quotation marks
With Patient360, we’ve been able to save an incredible amount of time when it comes to transferring over patient’s medical records in real-time with just a few clicks.
Max Tselevich

Max Tselevich


Health policy leaders recommend HG to public health agencies.

Read this whitepaper from Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy, where they recommend Health Gorilla as the ideal solution for public health agencies to retrieve clinical data for COVID-19 case reviews.

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