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Physicians and Staff

Doctors and their teams can instantly place orders and get results on the go with their Apple® iPhone® and iPad mini™.  Instant access to over 9,000+ diagnostic labs, 35,000+ radiology centers, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, physical therapists and more.


Patient access is coming!

Communicate with your doctor, receive your diagnostic test results online and more all from your  Apple® iPhone® and iPad mini™.


Vendors gain instant access to providers nationwide.  Partners may include independent practice associations (IPA), accountable care organizations (ACO),  health maintenance organizations (HMO), healthcare information exchanges (HIE) and more.


Health Gorilla is a leader in digital health.  We are the first online healthcare marketplace to connect all doctors and clinicians with over 9,000+ diagnostic labs and 35,000 radiology centers.  Doctors and their teams can instantly place orders, get results, and completely eliminate paper faxes.  Uniquely, our HIPAA compliant and ONC modular certified MU2 solution is available immediately at absolutely no charge for doctors and clinicians.


Accurate Online Orders

Health Gorilla provides a streamlined electronic ordering to our physicians. By using the Healthcare Marketplace you can bypass the time-consuming paper requisition form filling and faxing. Health Gorilla order form displays the actual live compendium for every participating vendor, therefore eliminating multiple calls between your staff and the vendor to clarify the order placed through the paper requisition form.


Look up Any Medical Providers in US

Health Gorilla provides a nationwide catalogue of diagnostic labs, radiology facilities, hospitals, sleep centers, physical therapy centers, surgery centers, skilled nursing facilities, durable medical equipment suppliers, and others. As a clinician or a staff member of a medical facility, quickly identify any provider based on turn-around time, distance from your office or patient and many other criteria. Diagnostic tests and services are updated in real-time. You can even look up various tests or procedures by name.


Timely Notifications

Convenient alerts let you know as soon as there is an update for any of your patient records, including new results and messages. You decide what you want to be notified about, and how.

Notifications can be delivered to your Inbox, mobile device or email (email notifications do not contain any protected information).


Convenient Mobile Access

Physicians are always on-the-go. As a Health Gorilla Marketplace member you can place diagnostic orders, and review and share results, on your Apple® iPhone® or iPad mini™ anytime and anywhere.


Reliable Real-time Results

How much time does your team spend dealing with illegible or missing lab test results? Do you waste hundreds of dollars every month on paper and ink cartridges, and hours and hours of staff time sorting and scanning every incoming fax?

Now get every lab test result, hospital record or other document directly in Informedika with our free electronic interface - your lab results will be available immediately, organized, and crystal clear. 


Complete, Trended Results

Health Gorilla’s Marketplace combines results data from all service providers, so you can get the full picture of a patient’s progress over time, regardless of which lab performed the test.


Built-In Image Viewing

You won’t need a CD-Rom or separate software.  Health Gorilla displays high-definition images and the radiology report. Radiology images are always available for you to access on-line.


Secure Referrals and Consultations

The Health Gorilla Marketplace enables fast, convenient referrals and consultations.  Share results and communicate securely with any verified medical professional in the United States.

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