Pharmacy data

Unlock complete medication data

Retrieve medication history for patients from nearly every pharmacy.

Streamline medication management

One in three medication prescriptions are never filled, and medication non-adherence is believed to cause 100,000 preventable deaths annually. Our Pharmacy Data solution addresses these challenges by empowering providers with complete, standardized medication history for each patient. With streamlined access to medication fill, refill, and renewal data – among other key data points – alongside clinical data, care teams can prescribe ideal medications and enhance the quality and timeliness of care.

With Pharmacy Data you can access:

Gain a deep understanding of your patients

When clinicians don’t have all the data they need, patient care suffers. With Health Gorilla’s Pharmacy Data solution, complete medication data is accessible. With this information in hand:
Physicians can see right away what medications were prescribed, whether they were picked up, and whether refills were used or renewed – indicating whether the patient actually used the medication they were prescribed as directed.
Providers can easily perform medication reconciliation to avoid errors such as dosing errors, drug interactions, and other adverse events – all without requesting records manually or asking patients themselves.
Healthcare organizations can avoid readmission penalties and capitalize on value-based reimbursements.
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Use cases

Value-based care

Medication data is essential to achieving the patient outcomes needed for value-based programs. Use Pharmacy Data to improve medication management & bolster medication adherence.

Care coordination

Address barriers to care, perform medication reconciliation, and avoid medication errors with organized and de-duplicated Pharmacy Data.

Medication adherence

Approximately 50%¹  of patients do not take medications as prescribed. Pharmacy Data surfaces prescription fills, refills, and renewals for each patient, allowing providers to easily identify at-risk patients.

Secure and trusted


We’re HITRUST R2 certified, which means that we successfully manage cybersecurity risks by exceeding industry-defined information security requirements.

SOC 2 Type 2

SOC 2 Type 2 is a stamp of approval on our controls relevant to data security, availability, processing, integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.


Complying with applicable health data laws, including HIPAA, is ingrained in our culture, processes, and staff training.