Health Gorilla and Optimity Partner to Enhance Underwriting, Risk Assessment, and Customer Engagement

Health Gorilla, the leading provider of actionable healthcare data for life insurance providers, and Optimity, a mission-driven technology company focused on improving population health, have announced a strategic partnership that will enable Optimity’s U.S. clients to collect medical records electronically from Health Gorilla’s clinical network, increasing their ability to create informed risk assessments and streamline their underwriting.

Health Gorilla securely provides life insurance underwriters with permission-based access to medical data through its FHIR-based clinical data APIs. Access to this data will allow insurers connected to the Optimity platform to analyze tens of thousands of care sites and retrieve any available medical records that exist for an applicant, which will improve their underwriting, risk assessment, customer engagement and claims tracking.

Health Gorilla’s data paired with Optimity’s AI platform, will provide insights in real-time to enhance their users’ experience and identify life events and risk profiles that accelerate underwriting and pre-approved targeted offers. The partnership will also offer consumers all the components necessary for a complete applicant journey, access to their digital healthcare data, and allow them to share and track their activity statistics while they pursue their health goals. 

Before retrieving any medical records, each insured member must provide consent and validate their identity to ensure that complete and accurate data is retrieved and sent back to the network.

Please check out the full press release for additional information on the strategic partnership between Optimity and Health Gorilla. 

If you're considering expanding the data available to your insurers or underwriters, the Health Gorilla team is here to help. We will work with you to configure the connection between our library of APIs and your application based on your organization's unique workflows and provide access to the Health Gorilla development sandbox. Our team of experts is available to answer any questions through the testing and validation period. If you have any additional questions or are interested in exploring a partnership with Health Gorilla, please contact us.