Health Gorilla Joins the Civitas Networks for Health

Our team at Health Gorilla is excited to announce that we have become a member of Civitas Networks for Health, the largest national network of its kind.

Civitas Network for Health was formed in 2021 when The Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement (NRHI) and Strategic Health Information Exchange Collaborative (SHIEC) came together to create a national collaborative made up of member organizations. Members of the Civitas Network for Health utilize health information exchange, clinical data, and multi-stakeholder, cross-sector approaches to improve the accessibility, quality, coordination, and cost-effectiveness of health care. Civitas Network for Health includes implementers at the local, regional, state, and national levels and now represents more than 95% of the US population. 

Health Gorilla has built one of the most comprehensive Health Information Networks in the United States and Latin America and enables the entire healthcare ecosystem to share health data seamlessly through our Health Interoperability Platform (HIP). We support a diverse set of use cases, including telehealth, remote patient monitoring, and care coordination, by supplying physicians with aggregated clinical data for each of their patients. 

As a member of the network Health Gorilla is committed to:

  • Increasing the clout, visibility, and effectiveness of advocacy for Health Information Exchanges
  • Enhancing the reach and impact across both public and private sectors
  • Exploring new areas of interest
  • Ensuring sustainability of health exchange systems

The membership with Civitas Network for Health will amplify Health Gorilla’s voice in the healthcare community, ensure our mission remains aligned with regional and national HIEs, and allow us to continue to innovate solutions that unite the disparate healthcare data across the country. We will also have the opportunity to share our 21st Century Cures Act, Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement (TEFCA), and Qualified Health Information Network (QHIN) knowledge with the rest of the network as we pursue our QHIN designation. 

For additional information on Health Gorilla becoming a member of Civitas Network for Health, please refer to the full press release.

If you are part of a healthcare organization and interested in expanding the data available to your physicians and patients, the Health Gorilla team is here to help. We will work with you to configure the connection between the Patient360 API and your application based on your organization’s unique clinical data workflows and provide access to the Health Gorilla development sandbox. Our team of experts is available to answer any questions that come up through the testing and validation period. If you have any additional questions or are interested in exploring a partnership with Health Gorilla, please contact us.