Health Gorilla Partners With CLEAR to Empower Consumers to Securely Access and Control Their Health Information

Health Gorilla, a leading Health Information Network and interoperability provider, has partnered with CLEAR, a secure identity verification platform, to launch Individual Access Services, which allows consumers to access their personal health information securely. The program will begin in Puerto Rico with the Puerto Rico Health Information Exchange (PRHIE) and expand to other regions in the future.

Health Gorilla will embed Powered by CLEAR to seamlessly verify a consumer’s identity and provide them with secure and easy access to their health information. Friction-free identity verification and user authentication will empower citizens of Puerto Rico to easily and securely access their medical records and share them with authorized healthcare providers.

"The partnership with CLEAR is an important step in our mission to provide consumers with greater control over their healthcare data," said Steve Yaskin, CEO of Health Gorilla. "We believe that giving consumers easy and secure access to their medical records is key to improving healthcare outcomes and experiences. We are excited to partner with CLEAR to make Individual Access Services (IAS) a reality for the people of Puerto Rico and beyond."

"We are thrilled to partner with Health Gorilla to help citizens of Puerto Rico securely access their healthcare information," said Caryn Seidman-Becker, CEO of CLEAR. "At CLEAR, we believe that identity should be the key to unlocking a friction-free and secure healthcare experience, and our partnership with Health Gorilla marks another significant milestone as we work to ‘replace the clipboard in healthcare.’"

“Enabling Puerto Rico citizens to access their own health information through this partnership is very exciting,” said Alexander Quevedo, State HIT Coordinator at Puerto Rico Department of Health.“It will give patients more agency and empower them with data at their fingertips.”

Health Gorilla and CLEAR are committed to protecting patient privacy. Health Gorilla’s Health Interoperability Platform uses innovative security measures to safeguard data and prevent anyone except the patient and their authorized provider(s) from accessing their health information. With this partnership, the citizens of Puerto Rico can look forward to a seamless and secure healthcare experience.

The partnership with CLEAR comes on the heels of Health Gorilla's recent approval for onboarding as a Qualified Health Information Network (QHIN). Health Gorilla successfully fulfilled the governance, functional, and operational requirements for operational approval to serve as a QHIN under the Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement(TEFCA). Health Gorilla must now successfully complete testing and onboarding before moving forward in the process toward official designation. If designated as a QHIN, Health Gorilla will securely exchange health information with other QHINs across the country, making it easier for healthcare providers to access and share patient data.

CLEAR’s mission is to create frictionless experiences – transforming the way people live, work and travel. In November 2022, CLEAR launched its secure identity technology at Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport (SJU), marking the first airport outside the continental United States to feature CLEAR's signature expedited identity verification lanes. CLEAR's launch at SJU is expected to create 49 local jobs and generate approximately $2.5 million in local economic activity.

About Health Gorilla

Health Gorilla is a secure health data sharing platform, powering national health information exchange while protecting patient data privacy and security. Health Gorilla provides access to the broadest network of real-time healthcare data sources in the U.S., making it easy for authorized users to get a complete view of their patients. Through our collaborations with healthcare providers, insurers, and government organizations, we play a vital role in improving health outcomes, reducing administrative inefficiencies, and unlocking new business models. Health Gorilla is also one of the applicants approved for onboarding as a candidate Qualified Health Information Network and must successfully complete testing and onboarding before official designation as a QHIN. Our platform hosts innovative privacy technologies designed to safeguard health data and protect patient privacy.

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Founded in 2010, CLEAR’s mission is to create frictionless experiences. With more than 15 million members and hundreds of partners across the world, CLEAR’s identity platform is transforming the way people live, work, and travel. Whether it’s at the airport, stadium, or right on your phone, CLEAR connects you to the things that make you, you – making everyday experiences easier, secure, and seamless. Since day one, CLEAR has been committed to privacy done right. Members are always in control of their own information, and we never sell member data.

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