Introducing the New Health Gorilla Website

2021 is the year of the healthcare developer, and we’re going all in. Throughout the pandemic, digital health developers have relied on our APIs to exchange clinical data electronically with institutions across the country. APIs are a fundamentally different and faster way to build and scale healthcare applications. Leaders in digital health, like Oscar Health, Virta Health, and K Health, have all scaled massive virtual care operations on top of our APIs.

Today, we launched the new to demonstrate the value of our APIs and software products, showcase the successful outcomes of our customers, and educate a new generation of developers who have just started building out their clinical data acquisition strategy. 

A few years ago, we launched our first API, which helped digital health companies place lab orders and retrieve test results electronically. Today, we have a suite of APIs that developers can easily test and integrate into their products. In many ways, we’ve become a one-stop shop for API-based workflows, whether you need to build medical record retrieval functionality or enable consumers to authenticate their identity. With Health Gorilla, there’s one code base, one support team, and one pipe through which the data flows. It dramatically reduces the complexity for our customers and accelerates value delivery. 

Giving our customers a voice to share their experience is absolutely critical to our success. Many of our larger customers tell us that startups often reach out to them to learn more about how they integrated Health Gorilla. We feature customers prominently across the website, whether it's a testimonial from a veteran CTO or a case study on our work with a new telemedicine startup. To illustrate our commitment to our customers in Latin America, we introduced a dedicated page written in Spanish. We expect interoperability to emerge as a massive growth market in that region.

We’re also excited to introduce our APIs to new markets, like life insurance, payers, and government. These organizations still struggle with acquiring a complete enough dataset to create the efficiencies they need to reduce the cost of care. We’re also aware that some of these organizations are still building out their engineering operations, and are transitioning away from traditional data acquisition systems. To get the dialogue started, we designed “Solutions” pages, where we tailor our offering for the industries outside of digital health. This gives us the chance to speak directly to these organizations, empathize with their pain points, and design the right solution. 

We’re still in the very early stages of next generation healthcare. We remain focused on building out tools that help developers build faster. Check out our latest website at and stay tuned for more exciting developments ahead.