We just raised a Series B. Here’s what’s next.

I’m thrilled to share we have closed $15M in series B financing, with Nationwide and IA Capital joining as co-leads. Aflac Ventures, Epsilon Health Investors, and True Ventures also participated, and we’re thrilled to welcome Matt Perlman, General Partner of IA Capital, to the board. This round is a testament to the growth we saw in 2020 and the broad adoption of our APIs among the digital health market. 

So what’s our plan going forward? 

We’re launching new products. 

We spent all of 2020 working with digital health product management teams to integrate our APIs into their products and access clinical data seamlessly. In that process, we’ve discovered new pain points around managing data quality, visualizing longitudinal data, and accessing non-traditional datasets that we are uniquely able to address. We’re actively building solutions to address this.

We’re also investing heavily in patient access solutions. In light of ONC’s Cures Act Final Rule, many healthcare organizations will need to provide patients with electronic access to their medical records. Our Patient Access API allows developers to enable consumers to securely authenticate their identity, retrieve their own health records electronically from a vast network of EMRs, and securely store their records on their mobile device. For organizations that need to comply with the new rule or want to proactively empower patients with their data, this API dramatically reduces the complexity of building a consumer solution from scratch. 

We’re scaling up our support operation. 

With all of the new customers we’re bringing on, we’re hiring across the board but especially on our customer support team. From forward deployed engineers who can help architect your solution to project managers who will run the implementation end-to-end, we’re increasing the size of that team dramatically. Our goal is simple - get customers live as fast as possible so they can realize the value of our solutions. More importantly, we want to put data in the hands of providers as soon as we can, enabling them to make data-informed decisions. If you’re interested in joining our team, please submit your information on our careers page

We’re expanding to new markets.

We find ourselves having more conversations outside of digital health, as traditional healthcare organizations shift to becoming technology-first. Over the next few months, we’ll be introducing our APIs to health systems, insurance companies, and public health agencies. As they scale up their engineering teams, they run into the same pain point - accessing clinical data is difficult, time consuming, and resource-intensive. By simply integrating with our APIs, you can begin accessing and exchanging clinical data with a vast network of EMRs within a few weeks. 

One of our new investors, Greg Epstein from Epsilon Health Investors, said, “As health systems and payors begin to think more about population health, SDoH, and pricing transparency, they will continue to build reliance upon solutions/APIs like Health Gorilla to enable the clean transfer of data on a national scale. Companies leading the way in value-based care are now realizing they need to be working off of one common data set to isolate and demonstrate improvements in outcomes, which is evidenced by Health Gorilla’s blue chip digital health customer base.”  

Using our next-gen master patient index, we plan to integrate the full scope of a person’s health information in one place, creating dramatic efficiencies for providers and health system administrators. 

Looking back, 2020 solidified our position as the best-in-class solution for clinical data access in digital health. Our APIs are at the heart of digital health, eliminating paper-based workflows and reducing administrative inefficiencies that have plagued our healthcare system for decades. With our Series B done, we’re ready to scale up our efforts aggressively, introduce our products to a broader audience, and invest in new solutions that advance interoperability nationwide.