Integrate with Health Gorilla once, and enable thousands of providers and developers to order your tests electronically.

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One interface, thousands of providers

Providers around the country use Health Gorilla’s API to transmit lab orders and get results electronically from our network of integrated labs.

Reduce costs

Avoid costly EMR interface fees. Integrate once and access thousands of providers.

Eliminate paper

Enable providers to order from your lab electronically and get results in their EMR.

Drive volume

Allow thousands of providers and developers to order from your lab electronically.


Access our network

Health Gorilla enables labs to transact electronically with thousands of providers and health IT platforms through one, simple integration.

Accept orders from our network

As soon as our integration is live, providers can place lab orders, one-off or in bulk, to your lab through Health Gorilla or any EMR that has integrated our API like DrChrono.

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Automate electronic lab reporting

Use Health Gorilla to automate the reporting of notifiable conditions to local or state health departments, enabling public health officials to track the spread of COVID-19.

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Distribute test results nationally

With new regulations like TEFCA on the horizon, labs will need to securely share test results with providers in health information exchanges. Health Gorilla enables labs to meet regulations by sharing results to our network of 65,000 providers.

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Success Story: Virta Health

Virta Health delivers a clinically-proven program to safely and sustainably reverse type 2 diabetes. Tracking lab result values like HbA1c was critical not only for revenue recognition but also patient monitoring. In late 2018, they adopted Health Gorilla’s lab network to automate and scale their lab testing operation.

Quick go-live

Virta went live in 6 weeks, vs 6 months to do a lab integration.

Fully automated

Virta uses the API to trigger lab orders automatically based on frequencies.

Efficient care

Before HG, Virta manually created lab orders, received results by fax, and transcribed them 1 by 1.

Actionable insights

Virta automatically flags unusual lab values for care coordinators to intervene.

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Tapping into Health Gorilla's vast network of diagnostic vendors via a single API based on modern standards enables the successful delivery of chronic disease care at scale, while freeing up engineers to spend time solving technical problems unique to Virta.
Sam Reider

Sam Reider

Engineering Manager

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With regulations like 21st Century Cures and TEFCA, labs will need to share test results in health information exchanges to remain compliant with Medicare. In this post, we explore the potential impact of these regulations, and discuss ways that labs can become compliant.

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